whate is the meaning of khopcha in easy language

By | 06/01/2018

Friends, today we will talk about the word of khopcha.

whate is the meaning of khopcha

whate is the meaning of khopcha

Friends, Khopcha is such a meaning which you can not find in any dictionary. Friends, many people use the word ‘khopcha’ in the common language, and the term ‘khopcha‘ is used in different places in different places and it is used more in the native language.

There is a lot of meaning of Khopcha words: –

Like any one palace we call khopcha.

A place in one of the palaces is also called Khopcha, as if a friend is sitting inside a palace and he should say in the talk or some joke that the khopcha comes in.
And in many countries, many places have been named as Khopcha in many countries.

This word is also used in a second language, whose sentence is this.

1. Let’s take this in the khopcha.
2. Come to the khopcha.
3. Put in the khopcha.

The word khopcha is used in these sentences but within these things, the meaning of the word khopcha is cone.
So from this post it appears that the meaning of the khopcha is to lose, so the second word of the corner is a knock.

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6 thoughts on “whate is the meaning of khopcha in easy language

  1. Piyush Joshi

    Very intresting Article Share’d .
    Let’s take this in the khopcha In hindi we called ईसको खोपचे मे लेके आ .

  2. Harshita

    Nic. But does it have a bad meaning or good meaning??


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